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Business Listing

As a Member you are solely responsible for the contents of the information you publish on AllInOneListings.com and the interactions you carry on with other Members.

AllInOneListings.com is not responsible for any personal information you or any other Member may choose to disclose on this service.

By registering with AllInOneListings.com you, hereby, verify that you are an adult (at least 18 years old) and understand that either you or AllInOneListings.com may terminate your membership for any reason.

If you terminate the service, you will not be entitled to a refund or any unused portion of your contract (if applicable).

Our goal is to support local businesses and the communities they support so we have a few simple rules for listing a business on the website:

  • The business must sell products or services directly to consumers
  • The business must have a store, office or premises open to the public.
  • No ‘Website only’ or ‘Mobile only’ businesses will be listed on business listing (We provide web directory feature where you can list your website or blog).
  • Physical location of business required
  • We provide the chance to the visitors of the directory to contact the business through Email Form.
  • By listing your business to our site, you agree to accept these emails.
  • You should agree and ensure that your business email address is up to date.
  • We will not transfer any of your details to any 3rd party and will not share any information with you on behalf of 3rd parties.
  • You must describe your business accurately


Authors from around the world are welcome to submit their articles to AllInOneListings.com. However, all article must meet the following guidelines before they are considered for inclusion and publication in All In One Listings.

Article Content

  • Must be an original article written by you. If you submit an article on behalf of an author, you must be the sole person authorized to submit the article. No re-branded articles or articles taken from the public domain allowed. Articles written by a ghost writer are acceptable on condition that you have exclusive license to the articles, meaning only your name alone can be associated with the articles.
    The following types of articles are strictly prohibited:
    rewritten content
    PLR (Private Label Rights) article
  • Article should be a minimum of 400 words and should cover the topic in detail.
  • You agree that AllInOneListings.com will immediately unpublish your article if it is disputed by any company or individuals as being plagiarized.
  • AllInOneListings.com is advertiser supported. We reserve the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles.
  • Article Must be written in English and thoroughly spell-checked and proofread. Articles with bad grammar and spelling error will be rejected.
  • Article Must not be a press release, sales letter or advertisement. Articles written solely to advertise a product will not be published.
  • Article Must not promote or contain any of the following information:
    pornography or adult material (including sex toys and escort services)
    fake or replica designer goods (including but not limited to designer handbags, shoes, clothing and sunglasses)
    illegal movie download or video streaming
    hate speech or violence
    any content deemed offensive or inappropriate by AllInOneListings.com


  • Article must be submitted under the appropriate category. Article submitted to an unrelated category will be rejected.
  • You may not submit the same article to multiple categories or submit the same article multiple times with only minor changes to its content. Serious violators will be banned.


  • All self-promotional links must be confined to the author signature. You can include up to 2 links.
  • We do not allow affiliate program links of any kind. However, you can link to your website which contains affiliate program links.
  • You may not use a URL shortener or URL redirection service to mask the actual URL of your links.
  • You may not link to the following types of websites:
    adult-oriented websites
    under construction websites
    illegal websites (including websites promoting illegal movie downloads, hacking and cracking)
    websites deemed offensive or inappropriate by AllInOneListings.com

Web Directory

Before submitting your website to AllInOneListings.com, please review the following guidelines below to help increase the chance of your website being accepted.

  • Site title must be the official website name.
  • The Sites title and description must be in English.
  • Website placement and description used is at the sole direction of the directory.
  • Submit your websites to the single most relevant category.

The followig websites will not be accepted.

  • Websites that are under construction.
  • Websites run primarily for affiliate links or banners.
  • Websites with excessive ads, popups or popunders.
  • Websites with duplicate content and empty pages.
  • Websites with sexual/pornographic content or images.
  • Gambling/Casino and Online pharmacy sites, portals and affiliates.
  • Websites that promote Warez, Hacking or Cracking content.
  • Websites that redirect another location.
  • Websites with dead or broken links.

Please provide an accurate and grammatically correct details for your listing. The Details should reflect the content that a user would find on your site.


Liability: AllInOneListings.com and its parent company does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product represented on this site.

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